iPad Rally Comic

Since the publication of the comic in 1890, the drawn pictures with captions have gained great popularity among young and old.

Whether Manga, Superman or Mickey Mouse - the contents, drawings and figures differ greatly from comic to comic. But how about playing the main character in a comic yourself? That's exactly what the Comic iPad Rally is about! Slip into the role of your favorite characters and tell the story by yourself!


Participants get the chance to let their creativity run free. The storyline is partially set by us, but the teams still have enough freedom to add their own ideas. The actors are provided with appropriate costumes - from beards to wigs to funny accessories and costumes everything is there! This makes it easier for the participants to put themselves fully into the role.


After a warm welcome at the meeting point, the participants will be separated into small teams and equipped with iPads and roadbooks. The roadbook shows the teams where the next location for the comic is. With the iPads the participants take funny photos, which they can edit afterwards with a specially designed app. The various images of the individual scenes are then brought together in the correct order and combined with speech bubbles. This way the previously taken pictures can be awakened to life!

Choose an individual location

The location for the Comic iPad Rally can be chosen individually - whether in the city or in the nature, indoor or outdoor - the Comic iPad Rally offers endless possibilities and can be performed in any weather! The duration, number of participants, route and content of the rally can also be individually adapted. We offer the program in almost every language and on request additional stations can be added. The Comic iPad Rally can be held as a combo to a Cabrio Tour or with different types of transportation. Whether by foot, bike, horse-drawn carriage or rickshaw - we can arrange the tour according to your wishes! This makes the digital Tablet Tour suitable as a supporting program for meetings, conferences and customer events, as well as for company incentives.

Non-binding request

We organize a iPad Rally for your corporate event, individually throughout Austria.

We already have ready-made, proven to be amazing, routes in the following locations:

iPad Rally Innsbruck
iPad Rally Seefeld
iPad Rally Kitzbühel
iPad Rally Salzburg
iPad Rally Wien
iPad Rally München
iPad Rally Weihnachtsedition
Comic iPad Rally

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