Company Offsite in Tyrol with a Crime-Event

A Swiss internet company was looking for a very special team event for its employees and did choose to come to Tyrol for the company outing.

Number of participants: 180 person

It was supposed to be an interactive event filled with excitement, action and team spirit. So, the group came by bus to the beautiful Alpbach valley in Tyrol for their company outing and took part in an unique crime thriller event.

All of Alpbach was event space. The company outing involved solving a staged murder case. The participants slipped into the role of detectives and kept a lookout throughout the village for evidence that would expose the criminals. Witnesses were interviewed in detail and traces were secured by forensic means. Afterwards, blood samples were tested, fingerprints were compared and other evidence was evaluated in a separate laboratory. Getting an insight into current forensic technology during the company outing was a unique experience for all participants.


After an intensive collection of evidence and some guesswork by the teams, 1/3 of the teams managed to find the completely correct solution for the case and the necessary evidence for the prosecution. The case was then solved at the evening event of the company outing. It was shown where the clues could be found and all perpetrators and accomplices were revealed. Finally, the best team received the well-deserved prize.


Thanks to the more than 20 actors of the Alpbacher Heimatbühne and another 20 helpers, the company outing to Tyrol with this unique event highlight went smoothly and the customers were very enthusiastic about the event.


If you also want to organize a company outing to Tyrol and get to know Tyrol from its most beautiful side, you can find some program suggestions for incentives as well as teambuilding activities summer and teambuilding activities winter here.


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