Making the forest climate fit

Our forests are facing great challenges due to the changing environment. Work together as a team to make the forest climate fit and contribute to a healthy ecosystem!

In this sustainable team event, participants are given different tasks and in order to learn why it is important to care for the forest and how they can contribute to make the forest climate fit.

The forest itself largely regulates and balances our climate. For this reason, it is very important to preserve the forests. Reforestation & and tree maintenance measures can preserve the forests as natural climate protection and secure the habitat for many generations. Planting young trees restores the disappearing forest cover due to storm damage and deforestation, so that the forests remain healthy in the future.

The participants work together with local forest supervisors in their forestry work. On the one hand, young and resistant trees will be planted and on the other hand, the participants engage in tree maintenance work to ensure that the trees grow well. Taking care of a forest includes planting different and new tree species, cutting down old trees in order to make room for new ones, as well as using wood as a raw material.

With this team activity, participants not only contribute to a healthy ecosystem, but also cohesion among the team is strengthened, since during the forestry work the participants have to support each other and show teamwork.

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