Sustainable Hike

Hiking does not only bring joy to your employees, but also adds value, socially and environmentally.

During the Sustainable Hike, participants will look at the environment from a different perspective and will start to pay special attention to little things. While the group takes a relaxed hike, participants pick up litter that lies on their way, renew trail markers, or collect herbs for an herbal salt that is subsequently made.

Hiking trails are used by thousands of mountaineers and guests every year. Due to this wear and tear and the strong winters, it is necessary to check every year whether the paths are in good condition and whether any repair work is required. A good network of hiking trails and landmarks requires a lot of maintenance. Helping hands are therefore welcome. Whether replacing signs or renewing markings, everything contributes to the maintenance of the trail network.

In addition, it is important to leave the environment clean and to throw away trash at collection points. Unfortunately, this is disregarded far too often, and waste is left on the spot. Often enough you see tissues on the side of the path or cigarette butts at the summit cross. Garbage not only looks awful and takes several years to decompose, but also releases pollutants into the environment, which end up in the groundwater. For this reason, the participants of the sustainable hike are informed at the beginning by our hiking guides and asked to collect waste and dispose of it properly at the end of the hike.

The sustainable hike also passes through numerous alpine meadows full of tasty herbs. During the hike, participants will get information about different herbs, their effects and how they are best used. At various locations, participants collect a wide variety of alpine herbs. At the end of the hike, these are then prepared accordingly under guidance and mixed with salt to create a delicious mixture. The herbal salt can now be filled into jars and labeled. This makes the specially produced herbal salt a perfect give-away for the whole group.

Of course, there will be plenty of fun and time for networking during the sustainable hike. This team event shows the participants how simple sustainability can be. At the same time, the cohesion in the group is strengthened. During the sustainable hike you can choose between the different options or combine them.

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