Dumpling Workshop

Save food from the garbage and together create a delicious meal from it.

The dumpling workshop is a sustainable team event where participants make delicious dumplings from discarded bread. Good cooperation and communication are required to bring a successful dumpling to the plate. The group learns how to treat food with respect and how to appreciate each other as a team.

In Austria alone, around 1 million tons of food are wasted every year. The effects of this are fast. In addition to harvest losses and unsold food, a large part of food waste in households is caused, for example, by incorrect storage and misinterpretation of the best-before date.

To set an example against food waste, we want to save food that would otherwise end up in trash. Using bread collected from supermarkets and bakeries, the group prepares various delicious dumpling variations together, which of course can be eaten afterwards.

In the dumpling workshop, the group learns great new recipes that can of course be recreated at home. In addition, the participants learn what responsible food handling looks like and how long food can actually stays good.

The best thing about this team activity, however, is that the group together makes a valuable contribution to a sustainable future and thus the cohesion of the group is strengthened, because cooking together connects and is definitely fun.

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