iPad Rally Christmas Edition

The event for your employees at your Christmas party!

Discover here the ideal team event for your next Christmas party. The Christmas edition of the iPad Rally can be used for many purposes during the Christmas season and is perfect as a teambuilding or fun program for your Christmas party. Divided into teams, the participants try to solve fun tasks and tricky challenges.

The digital tablet tour contains many interesting facts about the history of the Christmas market and takes you to various tasting stations - from punch to Christmas cookies, everything is included! This way even Christmas grouches get into the right mood.

Before the x-mas party

This teambuilding takes place ideally, before the guests have the dinner of their x-mas party. After a warm welcome at the meeting point, our experienced guide will explain the procedure and the most important rules. The group is then divided into teams and each group gets an iPad, on which the app in Christmas layout is installed. It is specially designed for our iPad Rally and intuitively easy to use. And then it starts! The teams depart in different directions and pass different stations on their way.

Christmas challenges

There, tricky tasks await the participants, in which they can collect points. Such a challenge is, for example, whistling a Christmas song together - without laughing! Sounds easier than it is, because the first team member will eventually start to giggle halfway through the song. Photo and video challenges related to Christmas are also waiting for the participants. Have you ever performed Christmas classics such as "Last Christmas" or "All I Want For Christmas" on camera? The most creative version will win! Another task, which might be waiting for the participants, is to take a team photo with the most beautiful present at the Christmas market. The challenges and puzzles can be individually adapted so you can personalize the iPad Rally according to your wishes!


On the way, the teams pass various tasting stations where the participants can taste cookies baked with love. A special highlight is the last stop of the rally, where the participants get homemade punch and mulled wine at the most beautiful punch hut of the whole Christkindlmarkt. As a nice memory of this great day, the team members can take home a lovingly designed mulled wine cup from the Christkindlmarkt. Optionally, further tasting stations can be included, where the teams can try roasted almonds, delicious chestnuts or traditional Kiachln.


The digital tablet tour is interactive. The different teams can send each other messages, play tricks on others and see all the scores in real time. After the last team has reached the finish line, the award ceremony takes place. Just a bit before the end of the rally, we hide the live score to make the whole event even more exciting. Photos and videos will be taken during the rally and handed over to the participants afterwards.


The iPads are quite cold-resistant, slight minus temperatures do not affect the devices. However, with very cold temperatures we recommend an alternative program, such as hut games or we simply use paper roadbooks for the rally. This program will be arranged individually, in consultation of the client and depending on the situation.

Non-binding request

We organize a iPad Rally for your corporate event, individually throughout Austria.

We already have ready-made, proven to be amazing, routes in the following locations:

iPad Rally Innsbruck
iPad Rally Seefeld
iPad Rally Kitzbühel
iPad Rally Salzburg
iPad Rally Wien
iPad Rally München
iPad Rally Weihnachtsedition
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