Alp Experience

Follow the example of the Swiss girl Heidi, known from the children's books, and spend a day on the alpine pasture.

The Alp Experience is a socially and ecologically sustainable event where participants support the alpine farmers in their daily work. Meanwhile, you have valuable experiences from alpine life and have lots of fun.

Surrounded by bold rock faces and lush meadows lies our alp. The HalterInnen - aka the inhabitants of the alp - welcome us with a friendly "Juchizer" and are happy that we support them today on the alp.

Life on the alpine pasture is not easy, yet crucial for landscape conservation, biodiversity, organic food production and, of course, tourism. Therefore, there is something sustainable with guests supporting the alpine people for a day and learning interesting things about alpine life. Depending on the season, one group helps with the haymaking or repairs fences for the cattle in a traditional way. Another group whips the fresh milk to butter and then portions it with the Modl, a kind of butter mold. Yet another group bakes fresh bread together with the farmer's wife, forages for herbs, mushrooms and berries and then prepares a delicious meal for everyone.

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