Building a wild bee hotel

At this team event, you and your employees not only have a lot of fun, but you also create something meaningful.

Build a wild bee hotel together with your colleagues and combine fun with a benefit! The little animals depend on our help, because without shelter the wild bees could not survive the winter. In doing so, you help to maintain a functioning ecosystem.

"Wild bees in Central Europe therefore need our special protection because their habitats are increasingly being cut back and they can hardly find any nesting opportunities to raise their young, especially on hard soil. Therefore, providing suitable nesting aid is a really meaningful contribution to sustainability."
Rosie Fellner, District chairman of the regional association for beekeeping in Tyrol

All participants can give free rein to their creativity when building a wild bee hotel. We provide the appropriate building materials and tools, and our experts are on hand to offer advice and support. To guarantee a successful result, the participants build their hotels in small groups, as teamwork is required especially in the beginning when creating the basic framework.

Wild bees are very selective with their choice of nesting sites, so the hotel must meet the highest standards. Some sample hotels are therefore presented - copying is encouraged. The wild bee hotels of the individual teams can also be combined into one large one and designed in the shape of the company logo.

The designed wild bee hotel including a small placement and usage guide can be taken home by the participants to provide shelter for the local bees or, if desired, we can take care of setting up the wild bee hotels.

The team event wild bee hotel combines all important aspects of a sustainable team activity. All participants build something and contribute to the big picture. However, everyone can marvel at their own work and even easily take it home with them. Nature and especially the bees will thank them.


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