Winter Games

At the Winter Games, the participants compete in activities such as tandem ski, snow sculpture building, winter golf or minibob racing.

It is also possible to include more action-packed activities such as a snow mobile curse or alternatively take part in winter activities in combination with classical team building activities.

In the fantastic winter wonderland, the teams strive for the first place in the company competition. Only those who cheer up their teammates and use their strengths in a targeted manner will collect the most points and take the title home.

The stations of the winter games are built up around the official flame. Next to that it is a snow bar and upon request we install a winter lounge. With lively music, the DJ and moderator will welcome the guests. After the welcome, the participants will be divided into teams of around 10 participants. The first challenge is to find a team name and a “battle cry”, with which the teams can motivate themselves later.


At the demo run, our guides will explain and demonstrate all activities. Accompanied by fanfare music, the official opening of the winter games and the ignition of the flame takes place. This task can be taken over by an employee, a special guest or the head of the company. Subsequently the moderator sends the teams to their particular starting activities and the winter games can begin. At the stations, the activities will be explained in detail. There the teams have to give their best to gain as much points as possible for the overall ranking.


The activities can be chosen from different categories. Besides classical winter activities, also hut games like cow milking, sawing, or beer mug holding can be integrated as well as teambuilding activities that are supervised by a team trainer. As a special highlight, snowmobiles and quads with chain drive can also be driven on a course in the snow. Newer and even more attractive is the Ziesel, an electric tracked vehicle that is controlled by a joystick. We will find the right activities for every participant profile and can utilize the Winter Games skillfully as an exciting teambuilding or incentive.

Snacks and cold drinks

As a little alternation and to strengthen the participants we send the teams in one round to the winter lounge. Here, guests are served with snacks as well as hot and cold drinks. With a “Hot-Caipi” they can lean back into the deck chairs and enjoy the winter sun. Blankets and a campfire ensure additional warmth.

Final contest

By the random composition of the teams, each participant can apply their strengths and weaknesses skillfully in various activities. The fun always takes center stage. At the last activity, it will be particularly exciting. The teams compete simultaneously against each other. Here, the last, perhaps important points can be collected. For example, the biathlon or beer mug holding can be used as a final contest, in which one team member of each team will step forward while the remaining team members cheer on them. The building of a snow sculpture, that brings the company values into focus, may also be a nice closing activity.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony can take place after a short break following the winter games or at the evening event. The best teams will be awarded with a certificate. We are also happy to organize prices such as trophies or giveaways like yodelling teddy bears, hand-carved wooden edelweiss or fine designed flasks, of course with a high-proof content.

Read more about teambuilding and outdoor events here. Hereinafter we present you the Winter Games:


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