Trapper Day

Snowy winter landscapes, glittering snow, you give the command on a sledge with a team of huskies, you make a campfire and later build an igloo as an accommodation. Sounds good?

Yes, this adventure is not only possible in Alaska, but also in the Tyrolean Mountains and is ideally suited as an incentive for customers, employees or partners. At the Team event, participants will have an unforgettable day and can finally enjoy a hot mulled wine at the crackling campfire before they are served “Tiroler Schmankerl” in the hut.

At the trapper's day the participants experience the life of a musher at first hand. In addition to riding the dog sledges, participants will learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to build an igloo and explore the breathtaking landscape with snowshoes. In between, they can relax at the campfire and refuel themselves with hot drinks.

Get to know

In the enchanting "Winter Wonderland" the guests are greeted with a friendly barking and howling of the dogs and welcomed by the experienced sledge guide. The guests are slowly becoming familiar with their sled dogs, which accompany them through the day and of course a few strokes of the huskies cannot be missing.

Snowshoe hike

Afterwards, the participants are divided into groups and switch between different exciting activities such as snowshoe hikes, the learning of survival skills and sledging.

Before the snowshoe hike the snowshoes are strapped on and you can go on a relaxing hike through the snowy surroundings accompanied by our guide. Depending on the condition of the participants, we flexibly adapt the hike to the guests. The snowshoe hike in the idyllic surroundings will enchant the participants, no matter whether they are a sports ace or not.

Team spirit

In the survival camp, skills and team spirit are in demand. Here the guests learn what is really important to survive in the wilderness and discover some hidden talents. Building a shelter or igloo, collecting dry fuel and igniting a campfire are essential skills that are really fun to explore. Together, the participants work on their survival skills and support each other in their tasks.

Dog sledding

The highlight of the day is dog sledding. The passionate musher informs the guests about the rearing of the dogs as well as the hierarchies in a pack. Then he explains the handling of the sled and the first dogs are tensioned in their racing gear in front of the sleds. Here one differentiates between the lead dogs, which set the pace and the direction and the following dogs. As soon as it is time for "Ready - Go!" the participants try not to fall from the sled during the turn. This requires the use of the body, because the participants have to slow down according to the tempo, steer and hold the balance while giving the dogs commands. While a participant drives as a musher with the huskies, the others can stroke the dogs during this time.

Even more group experiences can be found here. As a small foretaste here is the short film about the Trapper Day with dog sledding:


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