Movie Workshop

At this teambuilding event, the participants become real Hollywood stars! Here the film crews create their very own blockbuster and get exciting insights into the film business.

At the Movie Workshop, creative and funny plots are discussed and further developed – so that in the end of the Oscar night no eye remains dry. The movie workshop begins with an informative and funny introduction to the film business. Participants learn about what kind of jobs are necessary in a film crew, which kind of camera work should be applied for a certain effect and how to correctly use lightning. There are also fascinating tips on how to use creative techniques to quickly come to a memorable storyline and how to write it down.

Look forward to the final movies!

You will be surprised which talents are hidden in your employees!

Each film team is supervised by a film-guide throughout the entire movie workshop. Besides her/his organizational functions, the guide is available for questions and keeps an eye on the remaining time, so each team will have a result at the end. After the distribution of the equipment, the tasks will be divided within the teams. For this purpose, they can find job descriptions in the manual. With this aid, the areas of responsibility and interfaces are clearly defined and the film crew can start efficiently.

Before the actual shooting of the film

... the script and storyboard are created. There are no limits set to the imagination of the film crews. Whether they shoot a remake of a film classic or create a completely new plot in the genres of action, comedy or drama, the participants have a freedom of choice. Additionally, we provide them with historical household goods like a coal iron or an old wash board in order to give them some inspiration. The funniest commercials have already been created in this way.

During the shooting

... with an HD camera, the teams have a wide selection of costumes, make-up and props available. Thus, all creative ideas can be realized. At the end, the cutters finalize the movie including the opening credits. Of course, effects à la 20th Century Fox Cinema should not be missing. The jury then evaluates the films and finds an awarding category for each film for the subsequent "Oscar Night". Examples of these categories are the award for best acting, the rainbow award or the award for scariest moment.

In the evening

... the guests walk across the red carpet with flashlights, before they sit down at the festively laid dinner tables. After a laudatory speech, the films are shown to the assembled audience between the individual courses. Each film crew wins one of the categories and is honored with an Oscar statuette.

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