Geocaching Team Event

Imagine you are in a city or countryside, and you solve together with your group tricky puzzles, find small treasures and discover mysterious places that are far away from traditional city tours.

Interest? Then the Geocaching Team Event is the right place for you! It is often called Scavenger Hunt 2.0. and is fun for everyone, young or old. With the help of a road book and a GPS device, in which all GPS coordinates for finding the destination are stored, the groups set out on a quest to solve various exciting tasks. On the road, we are there to help the teams if necessary and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Modern Treasure Hunt

The geocaching starts with a welcome and a detailed explanation in the intuitively designed GPS device and the road book. As soon as all open questions have been clarified and the participants have been divided into groups, the adventure can begin.

In the road book, the teams will find the specified order of the coordinates, information about the area and exciting tasks or questions that are answered with the help of the GPS coordinates in the road book. The coordinates of the treasures have already been saved by us with a name in the GPS device, so that the search is simplified. A particularly fun highlight, for example, is a coordinate where the teams take team selfies using their cell phones and a selfie stick.

Winner is, who found all the stations successfully and solved the tasks correctly. At the end of the event, the winning team is awarded with a certificate.

Treasure Hunt

Of course, we also include "official geocaches" in the treasure hunt. These are hidden by the geocaching community and published with coordinates on an official homepage so that other members of the community can find them. Uninitiated people, also known as muggles, walk past the so-called caches every day without noticing anything. Perhaps there are hidden caches in your familiar environment that you have never noticed. Funny thought right?

Tailor-made Geochaching

For companies or private groups, we are pleased to offer you a tailor-made Geochaching Team Event. For a surcharge, we can also include team building activities, fun activities or a tasting station. The routes can be set in your hometown, in a big city or in an idyllic village. After the event, the participants will still remember the exciting and funny treasure hunt and cannot wait to start the next geocaching, since geocaching is addictive.

For more program ideas click here to get our overview. Finally, here is a short video about the Geocaching Team Event:

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